SERVICES - Body Treatments

Additional massage time can be scheduled with any body treatment, please call to specify costs.

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Steam Room/Steam Shower

Unwind and rejuvenate in our custom built steam room combination steam shower. Request eucalyptus, peppermint or lavendar aromatherapy to enhance your experience.
45 Minutes - $40 : Add to Cart >>
You may add the Steam Room to other services or treatments for an additional $30.00
30 Minutes (Add-On) - $30 : Add to Cart >>

Cedar Creek Mud Wrap

This traditional Native American custom begins with a light skin brushing. Next, an application of a natural mud complex which purifies and cleanses the body followed by a warm shower. We complete this therapy with a massage using our moisturizing body cream.
1.5 Hours - $125 : Add to Cart >>

Wild Flower Herbal Wrap

A light, dry brush followed by the application of hot moist towels that have been steeped in a specifically formulated blend of herbs and flowers. The natural heat of the herbs stimulates the body’s circulation which leaves your skin feeling soft, clean and alive. We finish this treatment with a massage using lemon oil.
1.5 Hours - $135 : Add to Cart >>

Sea Algae Body Wrap

This replenishing treatment begins with an exfoliation of the skin, stimulating the secretion of natural oils. Next, we apply a rich sea algae mud which draws out the toxins and provides nutrients that firm, tone and revitalize. This treatment is completed with a soothing massage making it a great multi-vitamin for the skin.
1.5 Hours - $125 : Add to Cart >>

Tropical Coconut Cocoon

This deluxe detoxifying treatment begins with a light dry brushing followed by a rich creme souffle masque containing coconut, pineapple and mango essences. Next you will be cocooned in a thermal blanket to retain heat. We complete this treatment with a light massage. A taste of the tropics right here in Montana who knew?
1.5 Hours - $125 : Add to Cart >>

Citrus Lemongrass Scrub

Begin with a gentle grapeseed salt scrub, infused with orange and lemongrass essential oils, followed by a warm shower. This exfoliates the skin and stimulates the circulatory system. Finish our most popular treatment with a refreshing rubdown.
Approx. 1.5 Hours - $125 : Add to Cart >>

Vanilla Dream Body Polish

We use a mixture of vanilla, apricot and avocado to exfoliate and nourish while providing the warm scent of pure vanilla to infuse the mind and body with a deep state of calm. Followed by a light massage.
1.5 Hours - $125 : Add to Cart >>

'Heads Up'

Warm herbal oils, vitamin E, jojoba oil, aloe vera and protein conditioner massaged into the scalp and hair to relax, stimulate and rejuvenate.
30 Minutes - $40 : Add to Cart >>

'Face Forward'

Treat yourself to an aromatherapy hydrating facial massage using pure essential oils, including hot steamed towels and trigger point therapy.
30 Minutes - $40 : Add to Cart >>

Note: The following are good treatments to enjoy before our other body treatments.

Full Back Heat Packs

Recommended for deep tissue detoxification and instant relaxation. Also recommended for the relief of sports strains, edema, arthritis, or any area of the body that is blocked, swollen, congested or sore. This is a good treatment to be used in conjunction with any of our relaxing massages.
Full Back - 15 Minutes - $25 : Add to Cart >>