SERVICES - Massage

All massage sessions include FREE aromatherapy. Steam room services can be added to any massage or body treatment for $30.00.

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Our most requested massage. You decide the amount of pressure that is customized precisely for you.
1/2 Hour - $45 : Add to Cart >>
1 Hour - $75 : Add to Cart >>
1.5 Hours - $100 : Add to Cart >>

Deep Tissue

A popular technique tailored to release deep-seated tension and emotional blocks.  This is a more intense massage that invigorates the muscle groups.
1/2 Hour - $50 : Add to Cart >>
1 Hour - $80 : Add to Cart >>
1.5 Hours - $105 : Add to Cart >>

Hot Stone Massage

Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with heat therapy. Smooth basalt, lava stones are heated and incorporated into a massage. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension.
1 Hour - $80 : Add to Cart >>
1.5 Hours - $115 : Add to Cart >>

Four Handed Massage

Two massage therapists working simultaneously at opposite ends of the body so relaxation and pain relief may arrive more quickly. Indulgent, yet intensely therapeutic.
1 Hour - $140 : Add to Cart >>

Heated Herbal Thai Poultice Massage

A 14th Century treatment to rejuvenate skin and muscles. The poultice, a combination of Thai and chinese herbs are steamed and applied directly to the body in a kneading action. A mandarin and peppermint oil mixture is used during the aromatherapy massage as the deep medicinal heat from the poultice allows the oils and herbs to sink into sore muscles and relieve stress and tension. So much more than a massage, it's an experience!
1 Hour - $120 : Add to Cart >>
1.5 Hour - $170 : Add to Cart >>


Utilizes Swedish techniques to decrease pain and soreness throughout the body including hips, legs, low back and neck. Increases the sense of well-being thus promoting a bonding experience between mother and unborn child.
1 Hour - $80 : Add to Cart >>

Hand or Foot Reflexology

The physical act of applying pressure to the hands or feet to release blockages felt around various reflex points.
15 Minutes - $15 : Add to Cart >>

Chair Massage

A seated massage which covers the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Dress in comfortable clothing.
15 Minutes - $20 : Add to Cart >>

Hot Spiced Stone Massage

The traditional hot stone massage is taken to a new level with this deeply relaxing and rebalancing treatment. Volcanic stones are seeped in intoxicating notes of cinnamon, clove and orange essential oils.This is a cool weather favorite sure to relax and soothe any stress you may have.
1 Hour - $85 : Add to Cart >>
1.5 Hour - $120 : Add to Cart >>